5 Statements That Aspiring Fashion Designers Are Too TIRED to Hear

Commonly, people tend to assume a lot of things which they have never researched about and also base their facts on untrue stereotypes. They see the glamour and success of a designer while overlooking the efforts and hours of work that go behind a design. Although it’s true that the industry, it’s more upbeat, creative, trendy and interesting, in the end, everything is subjective.
We have made a list of statements that fashion design students are tired of hearing.

1. “Fashion is such a competitive industry!”

Isn’t every industry competitive? Why do people assume that fashion designing is far more competitive than any other industry? Yes, it has a lot of competition, but still, people point it out like it’s the competition is cut-throat. The differentiation point is to stand out, be amazing with your skills and have a good work ethic.
If a student has a flair for this art, which when backed up by theoretical knowledge and practical experience provided by a reputed fashion designing institute, that designer will have concrete confidence and will be a tough competitor in the industry.

2. “You’ll never make it as a designer.”

This is the most de-motivating statement you can say to anyone passionate about fashion designing. You should understand this, that talent is something no one is born with. It is something that has to be developed with practice, study, and trails. Even the most successful fashion designers have faced several failures and learned from their failures. This is how they became better in fashion designing. If you start at a fashion designing institute, your mentors will guide you and not judge you for your mistakes.

Think about it and ask yourself, “why should I quit before I even step into the industry?”

2. “Don’t take it personally, but…”

They will comment on your fashion choices, but people have their ‘opinion’. Even if a designer has his pet project for which he’s not looking for any validation People will comment about it.

But when the tables turn, and now you have a comment about their fashion choice, by stating “don’t take it personally”, deep down your comment on their fashion will be taken very seriously, even if your criticism is constructive, it will hurt their fashion sense.

4. “If you can’t even draw, how can you even be a fashion designer.”

Do you believe that creativity has any limits? If that is the case, then humans would have not evolved. All aspiring fashion designers should know that even the most famous fashion designers in the industry hire other artists to draw their creative designs by briefing them about what they want. Remember your ability to draw does not affect your career in fashion! So if you want to pursue a fashion designing course don’t give yourself this excuse, and never too late to learn new skills.

5. “How does this outfit look to you?”

Alas! The most asked question to a fashion major student, “is this outfit looking good? “Your knowledge about fashion encourages such questions, for which you have the answers. If you want to come off as a professional, you should answer this question honestly. But in the end, who’s complaining about answering these questions, aren’t you the expert?

Be ready to answer these questions and many more. You should definitely inform people about wrong stereotypes if it’s mentioned. By increasing your knowledge about fashion, knowing the fundamentals, and gaining some practical experience, you will be well equipped to answer all these statements with charm. People will definitely ask a range of stupid to unconventional questions but in the end, always expect the unexpected.

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