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Borivali - West

Paving Successful Career Paths at INIFD Borivali

At INIFD Borivali, we don’t just teach fashion and interior design, we encourage students to nurture their sense of creativity and flair, helping them bring their design ideas into reality. Located in one of the busiest commercial streets of Mumbai, this institute is adjacent to the Borivali Railway Station. It is spread in an area of 9000 square feet with state-of-the-art facilities.

Top-notch Facilities, Experienced Faculty Members

As one of the leading institutes of art & design, INIFD Borivali takes pride in its team of experienced faculty members. We offer well-designed courses and a wide range of opportunities for students to explore the world of creativity such as educational tours, factory visits, summer internship programs.

What to expect at INIFD Borivali?

From computer-aided design courses and internet facility at the campus to availability of garment construction, embroidery machines and well-equipped computer labs, there is a lot that the institute has to offer to the students.

The institute conducts seminars and lecturers by well-known fashion and interior design experts on a regular basis. Workshops, competitions and exhibitions are also conducted to give the students a chance to work closely with the brands and learn better.

So what are you waiting for? Come, chase your dreams at INIFD Borivali.
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INIFD Nashik has been a success since 2003

Starting our journey from Nashik, with the enormous contribution and hard work from each and every staff and student, INIFD Nashik has been a success since 2003.

3rd Rank in Higher Education Magazine

With years of dedication, INIFD Nashik now stands with the rank of 3rd in Higher Education Magazine for Fashion Design courses.

So what are you waiting for? Come, chase your dreams at INIFD Borivali.


Study at INIFD Borivali and avail the benefits of Qualified and Well Experienced team of Faculty Members.

Proper guidance through Educational Tours, Market Surveys and Factory Visits, future career opportunities through Campus Placements and Summer Internship Programmes, well equipped Library, Computer labs, Internet facility, Computer Aided Design in Interior & Fashion Design, Garment Construction and Embroidery Machines, Opportunities to participate in Mega Shows and Exhibitions, Presentations through Slide show, Seminar & Guest Lectures conducted by well known personalities of Fashion and Interior experts, Workshops conducted for practical knowledge, Individual attention given to each students, Classrooms with ample space for student to work on individual table.


Great Opportunities

For Youngsters

This transpires into great opportunities for our youngsters – to participate in the real world of fashion, to work closely with the well-known brands, to get featured on shows, to participate in exhibitions and competitions, while still pursuing their studies at INIFD Institute.

Welcome to the world of Creativity!

Come chase your dream beyond your horizon..!

Expanded our wings

To ‘Amchi’ Mumbai

Launched new centre INIFD Borivali

Then now, with the utmost confidence and in a view to provide same quality education, INIFD Nashik has expanded its wings to ‘Amchi’ Mumbai and has launched this new centre INIFD Borivali. INIFD Nashik started off with 35 students and now we are 12x more than the number back then. The teaching standard that we deliver aims at creating a Designer, and not just to provide a degree. One such achievement is that, our very own 3rd Year Interior Design student has designed this 9000 sq ft INIFD Centre in Borivali .This centre is expected to be one of the best Centres in Mumbai as we have the most excellent faculties from Mumbai.

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