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What Are Career Opportunities of Fashion Design in India

Career Opportunities of Fashion Design in India

As a career, fashion design has evolved significantly throughout the past few decades. While proliferating to every corner of the world, it has broadened in terms of the variety of career opportunities as well. So, unlike the yesteryears when fashion design was predominantly associated with designing and creating outfits, today, you can pursue fashion design courses in India and work in different streams of the fashion industry.

But precisely, which career opportunities does the contemporary fashion world offer? Or, what can you do with a degree or diploma in fashion design? INIFD Borivali, one of the leading fashion design colleges in Mumbai, India, overviews some potential ones.

What are the Job Options after Certification in Fashion Design

The Job Options after Certification in Fashion Design

Fortunately, for every fashion career aspirant, fashion design colleges in Mumbai or in many places elsewhere in India offer courses in various streams of the fashion industry. Based on the course you pursue, you can take up a career in any of the following.

Fashion Designer

Working as a fashion designer is the core, conventional and most significant career opportunity in the fashion industry. Fashion designers sketch, design and create outfits and fashion accessories based on the latest trends and client and consumer demands. In addition, they oversee the outfit manufacturing, coordinate with various teams and may offer some assistance to the marketing team.

Fashion Illustrator

Another potential career opportunity is that of a fashion illustrator. These are professionals who create sketches, drawings and other artworks concerning the fashion trade. The most exciting part of working as a fashion illustrator is sketching concepts that have not been realised yet. Fashion illustrators can work as freelancers or with various fashion studios and houses worldwide.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists choose clothing and accessories to enhance their client’s aesthetic appeal. They are extensively talented professionals who can express a story and present a particular image through the correct fabrics, shapes, designs and colours.

Fashion stylists align themselves according to the client for whom they work. For instance, someone working with a film star would have to work with a perspective different from that working for a celebrity entrepreneur.

Fashion Photographer

As a career and profession, fashion photography has a significant amount of glamour associated with it! Of course, it takes hard work and persistence to establish yourself as a fashion photographer. But once you do so, it could involve extensive travelling to click professional pictures of models in a particular outfit, a specific fashion product, etc.

Fashion Blogger

If you are a fashionista with a flair for writing and the skills required to articulate your thoughts creatively and engagingly, you can work as a fashion blogger. Fashion blogging is another lucrative career option which involves writing for the fashion industry’s various aspects like outfits, accessories, current trends, etc. You may venture as a fashion blogger alongside working as a fashion stylist, designer, illustrator, etc.

Fashion Journalist

Fashion journalism is another thriving career avenue. Fashion journalists produce and publish articles, blogs, press releases, etc., concerning the fashion trade. It is an entertainment-based and promotion-oriented profession that covers the emergence of new designers, the success of fashion icons, fashion events, updates, etc.

Store Manager

Retail in the fashion industry is on a continual rise. The birth of hundreds of new brands across the fashion horizon signifies the potential of retail in fashion.

Now, with retail brands and stores comes the need for qualified store managers. Thus, fashion retail store managers run brand stores to meet their company’s targets and policies. They strive to optimise the company’s profit while reducing operational costs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Personal Shopper

Do you love shopping? Of course, most would say yes! But how about shopping for someone else instead of yourself? That is what a personal shopper does. Personal shoppers buy attires and accessories for their clients. While some work for individual clients, others work for brands that offer personal shopping assistance or services.

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandising is another unique career option in the fashion business. Visual merchandisers are professionals who present, arrange, and display items in various stores and shop windows. They position the items in places where they are most prominently visible to prospective buyers.

Brand Manager

Fashion brand managers develop brand strategies revolving around their company’s fashion products. They develop strategies that help their brand venture in various markets with optimal product visibility and intriguing brand positioning and messaging.

After knowing these career opportunities, are you feeling more oriented than ever to join the fashion industry? Then don’t let the zeal fizzle out! Enrol INIFD Borivali, one of India’s leading fashion design institutes.

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