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DIY Home Décor Ideas

Every individual loves their home and would want to decorate it with the best of furniture, paints and various other elements. While most people hire an interior designer to do it, some go the DIY (Do It Yourself) way to decorate their home by themselves. If you are among the latter, finding some ideas might interest you and help you augment your home’s aesthetics and functionality. So, here are some DIY home décor ideas.

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How to Decorate Your Home?

Decorating your home isn’t merely about aesthetics. Ideally, it should also involve improving the home’s functionality. Accordingly, decorating your home can involve attending to various aspects like colours, furniture, rearranging the position of various elements of the home, enhancing the aesthetics with portraits, enhancing the home’s natural ventilation and lighting quotient, making the space look fresher with natural greens, etc. So, let’s overview how to decorate your home the DIY way.

Interior Decoration: Laying the Groundwork

Here’s how you can proceed with the project.

Don't Start in the Furniture Store

While decorating a home, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is furniture. So, it is pretty obvious for everyone to rush to the furniture store and look for some remarkable furniture like beds, chairs, tables, etc. But wait. If you’ve been looking to decorate your home DIY, do not start in the furniture store right away. Perform a range of other essential activities to know what’s right for your home to avoid rework or returns.

Know Your Measurements

Know your home’s dimensions thoroughly before you plan something. Remember, you’ll be investing a considerable amount of money in decorating your home. And since you will be doing everything by yourself, you will have to be extra careful while measuring the dimensions and noting them. Plan all the further enhancements, changes, etc., based on the dimensions you’ve measured with the help of a measuring tape.

Create a Floorplan

Invest thought and effort in creating a floor plan per your requirements. Make sure the floorplan is comprehensive enough to fulfil your needs but at the same time, doesn’t create clutter or congestion across the space.

Seek Inspiration from Professionals

While applying your creativity and interior design acumen, you may also want to follow professional interior designers. There’s so much available on the internet from which you can seek some inspiration. Of course, you don’t want professionals to design your space. But you can surely look at some of their designs and examine their applicability in your case. It will help you give your home’s interior décor a more professional look.

Develop a Budget

We now come to another important part – developing the budget. Preparing a budget through a professional is a different thing, as they know what all needs to be factored in while creating a budget. But as a DIY aspirant, you should be careful and considerate enough to factor in various elements while preparing your interior decoration budget. Ensure you include all the necessary elements no matter how trivial or significant, while preparing the budget to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Plan the Phases

While planning for everything and even the unforeseen, do not attempt to do everything at once. Professional interior designers work in phases. Many break their tasks into smaller activities to expedite the project’s pace and have more control over it.

You also can split the project into multiple activities and focus on one thing at a time. It will help you complete everything on time and attend to every minute detail of every task while working on it. Besides, you might even learn with every phase and avoid mistakes you might have committed during the previous phase in the next one.

Interior Decoration Ideas Uplifting Your Abode and Infuse Opulence

Interior Decoration Ideas Uplifting Your Abode and Infuse Opulence

Everyone loves to have an opulent home. Some believe in abundance and some keep it simple and minimal. Of course, individual choices matter and should be respected. But often, increasing the opulence quotient of your home doesn’t always require you to do significant changes to your space. Sometimes, comparatively smaller changes can also work the magic and make your space look more elegant than ever.

Rearrange Your Furniture

It might feel boring to look at the same furniture arrangement for years. So, some rearrangements here and there can give your home a refreshing look.

Rearrange a Book Shelf

A shambolic bookshelf doesn’t look good and signifies a careless attitude towards something as important as books. Hence, sparing some time, cleaning the dust on the books and shelves and rearranging the books can make it look more organized.

Paint Your Walls or Furniture

Your furniture and wall colour might fade with time and require a coat. If you think these elements are losing lustre, consider painting them and reviving their looks.

Change Your Wall Décor

Walls have a lot to express. So, why not tell a new story by changing the wall décor? You can get as logically creative as possible and create something complementing the wall colour and that talks to great lengths about your creative thought process.

Deep Clean, Declutter and Organize

Homes accumulate dust, sticky dirt, etc., over a period. Thus, consider deep cleaning the home, furniture, and various corners of the home, including the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, etc., to make it look clean and hygienic. In addition, make a list of the unwanted items in your home and try to remove them. It will help increase your home’s breathable space.

Create a DIY Home Office

If you spend much of your time working from home or work from home for most of the days in the week, you may also want to create a home-based office. Buy an ergonomic work table and chair and dedicate a corner, which remains secluded, yet has excellent internet connectivity to work seamlessly.

Create a Garden

Adding natural elements like aesthetically pleasing and healthy plants in your home’s balcony or living room so that the environment remains and feels fresh.

Convert Fabric into Useful Furnishings

Transforming old recycled fabrics into useful furnishings is another way to promote reusability. For instance, you can use soft fabrics as wiping rags for furniture.

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