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The Rise of Gender-Neutral Fashion

The Rise of Gender-Neutral Fashion

Apart from natural attributes, what helps one distinguish between genders is clothing. But contemporary fashion and outfits are blurring these differences with a new trend – gender-neutral fashion. Call it unisex or androgynous – it means the same. In other words, fashion is becoming more fluid.

Of course, nothing happens without a reason. Gender-neutral fashion isn’t an exception to it. From a manufacturer’s perspective, bringing everyone under the same fashion roof and attempting to target a much broader market segment could form two potential reasons that have helped the androgynous fashion trend blossom. Let’s delve into the various aspects of this transformative genderless fashion trend.

What is Gender-Neutral Fashion?

Gender-based apparel is designed to the tastes, preferences and natural factors concerning outfit colours, textures, anatomy, etc., of a particular gender. But genderless fashion transcends these conventional considerations. Manufacturers designing this apparel do not keep a specific colour or texture in mind. Essentially, these outfits fit the masculine and feminine gender and a range of body types.

Benefits of Unisex Clothing

Benefits of Unisex Clothing

Unisex clothing isn’t a new concept. It was coined way back in the 60s and has been on the horizon ever since. Although yes, it has gained momentum in recent years and is projected to strengthen people’s increasing inclination towards unisex clothing. Gender-neutral fashion offers several benefits, including the following.

Broad Array of Choices

Separate male and female clothing limits one’s choice. Something may look good on men. But the fact that it is exclusive male apparel may confine the other gender’s choice to wearing only what is meant for it. But gender-neutral clothing opens up a broad spectrum of choices. These outfits can be used by men and women both. For instance, if you are a male, who loves a particular texture and colour (traditionally used only by women), you can use it without worrying about the conventional social norms.


This one can prove a significant benefit in the long run. The liberty to use clothes interchangeably can help people use clothes for a longer duration and at a broader scale, help reduce manufacturing volumes. Gender-neutral clothing is inclined towards strengthening the circular economy, where you can use the clothes for longer. It is a better alternative than swapping or selling the clothes.

Considerable Cost Savings

When you know you can share a particular T-shirt, for example, with your spouse or sibling you would buy fewer clothes, thus saving money in the long run.

Anytime and Anywhere Clothing

Of course, with gender-neutral clothing one cannot eliminate the need for gender-based clothing. The latter will always exist, as you have dress codes on some occasions to adhere to. But for instance, you can use genderless apparel while going to a movie or for a weekend trip, where what you wear doesn’t matter as much.

Broader Sales Scope

Manufacturers can sell unisex clothing to males and females. Hence, they don’t have to limit themselves to selling to a particular segment. This type of clothing can widen their sales scope, thus helping them capture a broader market segment.

Social Media’s Role in Promoting Gender-Neutral Outfits

Social Media’s Role in Promoting Gender-Neutral Outfits

Social media plays an instrumental role in promoting gender-neutral fashion. Famous and widely used platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are helping individuals share their personal styles and fashion choices with a broader audience outreach. Their style and approach towards promoting is potentially encouraging others to switch to gender-neutral fashion, without caging themselves in conventional gender-based outfits.

Another significant social media dimension concerning gender-neutral fashion is the use of influencers. When it comes to fashion, people follow them for their style sense, access to fashionable outfits, a flair for fashion and a natural understanding of it. Companies leverage their outreach intelligently and promote gender-neutral clothing within a particular segment or multiple ones.

Famous Brands in Gender-Neutral Fashion

Globally, you’d find many brands promoting and selling gender-neutral fashion outfits. Some with a global outreach include Riley Studio, American Apparel, Nike, Zara and Daniel. W Fletcher. A few Indian names include Bobo Calcutta, Two Point Two Studio, Biskit, Generation Mixx, Huemn, and Moral Science.

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