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Ways to Develop Your Fashion Knowledge and Skills for Free

So, you’ve chosen fashion as a career and are looking to hone your fashion skills - however, for free! Is it possible? In the view of many, probably no. It is because we live in a give-and-take world. So, everyone has to pay a price for everything!

What are the Fees for Fashion design courses in 2024-25

Although true to some extent, we don’t completely agree with it. Today, fortunately, you have so many platforms and abundant fashion literature to polish your talent, increase your knowledge and broaden your horizon. Of course, you cannot discount efforts in the process. But you can still make noteworthy progress even when you proceed yourself. So, let’s look at nine ways to develop fashion knowledge.

How You Can Improve Fashion Knowledge and Skills – Top 9 Ways

We live in a world where knowledge sharing knows no boundaries. However, it is up to us how we leverage the insights and make the most of them. So, here are the top nine ways to improve fashion knowledge and skills on your own.

Subscribe to Fashion Newsletters and Digital Magazines

Almost every global and reputed fashion brand has its fashion newsletter, a digital magazine or both. You may follow your favourite ones and sign up for their newsletters or magazines for a monthly or annual fee. Listening to it directly from the horse’s mouth can benefit a lot, as these sources comprise discussions, articles, interviews, etc., about the latest fashion trends, industry present and future, opinions of fashion industry stalwarts, celebrity talks and take on fashion, etc. Keeping up with all of it can add value to your knowledge and make you a more learned fashion professional.

Read and Watch Fashion Literature

A newsletter may cost you some money. But fashion blogs and videos across social media, brand websites and YouTube are free. You can acquire as many insights as possible from such sources and contribute value to your fashion knowledge. You could subscribe to many fashion blog writers and YouTubers and get notified to be among the first to catch up with the latest insights.

Work with Established Fashion Designers

While sketching your designs, try to work with established fashion designers in your city. The purpose shouldn’t be earning money but assisting them and building first-hand experience of the industry. It could also help you learn how to interact with customers and communicate with vendors, in addition to the business’s commercial aspect.

Follow the Social Media Space

Many fashion professionals, including celebrity fashion designers, influencers, mentors, etc., are active on social media. They share insights like fashion tips, sketching and stitching guidelines, fashion recommendations, industry updates, etc. Every insight can prove useful for you as a professional. Furthermore, you can apply the knowledge gained through various sources in practice.

Keep Practicing and Trying New Designs

Keep walking. Don’t stop. Initially, your designs might go unnoticed. But do not feel disheartened. Keep practising, trying new concepts and showing them to fashion design professionals. Stay active on social media to advertise your work. Stay persistent in your efforts and keep broadening your portfolio. You never know which design from your portfolio will give you the break you need and help you enter the fashion industry.

Showcase Your Work

In line with the above point, try connecting with established fashion designers and showcase your work to them. Your designs might not interest everyone. However, consistent efforts in this direction can help you register your work.

Gather Expert Feedback

Never hesitate or fear asking for and receiving feedback from experts. Their inputs could prove valuable in helping you improve your designs and make them look more professional, user-aligned, and make them more creatively and commercially useful. Do not forget to incorporate the suggestions in your designs and show them back. Also, do not allow negative feedback to demoralise you, nor let appreciation flatter you. Stay neutral and look at every feedback as an opportunity to improve yourself.

Study the Local Market

Make frequent visits to the local market and establish relations with fashion vendors, shopkeepers, etc., and try to learn more about the trade from them. While some will readily cooperate, some may hesitate. But it all depends on how well you communicate and establish and nurture your relations with them. It is a gradual process, though. The more you are seen and the more you interact, the more you’ll be known.

Enrol for a Fashion Design Course

Fashion designing is an extensive and ever-evolving profession. Fashion trends emerge, flourish and disappear to make way for new ones or morph into some other trend. Hence, while developing fashion skills in your unique way, you should also enrol in a fashion design course that helps you develop the approach and conduct it takes to become a comprehensive fashion professional.

INIFD Borivali is here to help. We’ve designed fashion design courses meticulously with specifics in mind. Some highlights of our course include a comprehensive curriculum, industry exposure through internships, workshops event participation and placements with reputed fashion houses. Connect with us at +91 99305 90722 to learn more about our fashion design courses. You wolul also like other blog: Influence of AI in Fashion Industry

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