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A sustainable interior designer maximises efficiency and reduces the negative effect of interior design and related activities on the environment.

Accordingly, our sustainable interiors module comprises sustainability, energy efficiency, ways to reduce environmental impact, wastage and material planning and promoting a healthy and safe environment. They help students learn the use of eco-friendly materials in an indoor space to enhance people’s quality of life. Some essential elements of sustainable interiors include lighting, material and furnishing.

Module Duration: 1 Month - Course Contents

  • How to build sustainable interiors with assertiveness and safety
  • Sustainability & the role of interior designer
  • Site analysis
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting
  • Environmental studies
  • Thermal insulations
  • Water Saving
  • Sustainable Materials & Applications
  • Acoustics
  • Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency

Learning Outcome - By the end of this course you will be able to,

  • Create spaces that aesthetically and functionally valuable
  • Promote the use recycled or reusable materials as much as possible
  • Understand how to reduce environmental impact.
  • Acquire various ways to improve energy efficiency
  • Becomes an expert as a sustainable interior designer

Additional Career Opportunities

Sustainability Consultant:

Sustainability consultants focus on energy efficiency, recyclability, waste reduction, healthy construction, green purchasing policies, etc. They improve the eco-friendliness of a particular space. Sustainability is the key to a better and greener planet. Thus, the need for sustainability consultants will only grow.

Workspace Strategist:

Workplace strategists transform an office to help business owners achieve their strategic workplace goals. While well-versed with various technologies, they must also be strategic experts to make workplaces more appealing and engaging for employees.

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