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Why Visual Merchandising Matters More Than Ever?

Why Visual Merchandising Matters More Than Ever?

All that glitters sells! Yes, that’s the mantra these days many eCommerce and retailers follow. Visual merchandising endeavours to present a retailer’s store or an eCommerce website alluringly. Of course, looks matter. But visual merchandising goes beyond appearance. It is strategically essential as it attracts people and drives sales. Hence, it has become strategically more significant than ever. Let’s delve more into it.

Visuals Matter!

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Visuals captivate within a second and that’s what matters in the age where the user’s attention space is probably less than a microsecond. 64-66 per cent of people are visual learners. They learn better through visuals than through text. Besides, visuals increase message retention by a whopping 40-45 per cent! In the age where messages, amidst several of them disappear in thin air and in no time, a retention rate as impressive can prove genuinely helpful for brands to make an impact.

How Visual Merchandising is Significant in the Omnichannel Age?

Visual merchandising comprises various elements. From a well-designed store to creating a harmonious blend of elements, many aspects matter when it comes to visual merchandising. Let’s look at four of them.

Store Architecture or Website Navigation

The store’s architecture in the case of retailers plays a vital role in visual merchandising. Here, it isn’t merely how you showcase your products that matter. Other factors like the floor layout, convenience, shopping space, shopping windows, presentation, colour schemes, etc., also hold significance. Accordingly, retailers should empathise with buyers and build a space easily and effortlessly navigable.

Websites are no different than physical stores, except that they are virtual. For an eCommerce business, a website is a virtual store where it can showcase and sell products. A website should be easily and seamlessly navigable to enable users to explore the products and potentially order them.

Brand Storytelling

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Gone are those days when brands used to merely showcase their products. Today, people love brands creatively displaying their offerings while doing it in a storytelling manner. Storytelling is something that connects at the emotional level with the consumer. People relate to such fashion of marketing and are driven towards the brand doing it. No wonder storytelling brands are among the most successful.

Seeing is Believing

Show what you have to make the world believe in you! Of course, it isn’t a quote. But experience suggests it time and again. People believe in what they see and can virtually experience or physically feel. Your products aren’t an exception. The more you show your offerings to people in an immersive way, the more they engage with it.

However, showing just anything doesn’t work. Show what really matters. Display seasonal trends, the latest fashion, etc. in your store to grab people’s attention. Place it in a space easily and readily accessible to every prospect. Allow them to explore a particular fabric, as people like to try what they see.

Avoiding Clutter or Excessive Show-Off

Yes, seeing is believing. But that surely doesn’t refer to excessive show-off and creating clutter. Users prefer spaces or stores with breathable space allowing them to move around easily and explore products that interest them. Besides, looking at too many things can overwhelm the consumer. Remember, that might also encourage them to leave the store and go to some other.

Some white space and pathways would help them explore the store better. The same principle applies to websites. A crowded or messy interface can make it difficult for the user to navigate the website. There are chances they might turn all of them down and switch to another website. They wouldn’t give it a second thought while doing so!

Is that it? Creating a harmonious blend of all these elements and managing them well, no matter the influx of new arrivals or increased foot traffic is equally significant. We, at INIFD, one of the best fashion design colleges in Mumbai, Borivali hope this blog could contribute some positive value to you. To know more about us and our fashion design courses in Mumbai, call us at +91 99305 90722. Get Extra knowledge for DIY Home Decore Ideas.

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